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Debra Dane Scholten

As a writer, trainer, career counselor, and rehabilitation professional, I hope to encourage people to live the lives that they envision for themselves. I currently promote personal growth and professional development as a course developer. In the spirit of empowerment, I wrote, Flow Forward: Find Your Way, Grow Resilient, and Enjoy Your Life. I try to expand my knowledge of the art of living by supplementing my two Masters degrees in Counseling with the study of Taoism, Buddhism, and Yoga. See for more information.

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About this Course

Join Us on a Path to a More Compassionate World

One day as I was preparing to go home from work, I reached for my jacket, like I had done countless times before, when it struck me: I didn’t have what it took to keep doing this again and again and again.

I was tired and I was growing ineffective and discouraged. I looked around me and everyone looked like they felt the same way.

I worked with a team of deeply caring and truly diligent people whose purpose it was to bring economic dignity to others but we were all spent and there was no relief in sight. We weren’t in the position to make major life changes and we didn’t have the energy to implement big solutions.

It became apparent to me that most of us only have the wherewithal for little changes. So I set out to discover what minor shifts could deliver major relief. I searched for the fuel that would energize and empower people everywhere to bring their compassion into the world.

How to Bring Balance and Compassion to Life

What I discovered was that life is richer and more productive when it is in balance and includes self-compassion. Simply put, we can give more to others when we have more to give!

The intention of this course is to help you realize that self-compassion and balance can generate the energy and space you need to contribute your distinctive talents and compassionate action into the world.

As a counselor and a trainer, I have seen that everyone has something precious to contribute to humanity; and every precious piece is needed. But life is demanding and many of us are woefully depleted.

This course proposes that minor shifts can create major change. And these minor shifts can be implemented immediately. Imagine making shifts such as:

  • Accepting yourself a little more and rejecting yourself a little less.
  • Increasing your gratitude and decreasing your expectations.
  • Releasing some things and opening-up to others.

This course also acknowledges that you are a multi-dimensional being. You have a body, a spirit, and a mind. Balance requires honoring and attending to the needs of all your dimensions.

This course is a blend of lessons from Positive and Existential Psychology and those of the masters of the art of living. To remind you of the source of this wisdom, I sprinkle their encouragement throughout the lessons.

How to Bring Balance and Compassion to Life

CEI’s online, anytime course

Because compassion begins with you.

This is now an Open-Access, Self-Study course.

Open Access means you have immediate access to all lessons and activities upon payment. You will have access to the course materials through 2017.

Self-Study means you study at your own pace in a setting that does not include peer or facilitator interaction.

Tuition: $49

Does this describe you?

You want to do something that improves the lives of others but you find yourself consistently feeling any combination of too tired, too frustrated, or too powerless to do so.

We Invite You

You are invited to join the Compassion Education Institute’s online course How to Bring Balance and Compassion to Life.

Bring more compassion and kindness into the world by first learning how to bring them to yourself!

We are pleased to offer this course in partnership with the Charter for Compassion International. 

CEI’s Purpose: With the Charter for Compassion at the heart of all we do, we invite all people to join us in making compassion the driving force as we work to alleviate the suffering of our fellow beings and help create a just economy and a peaceful global community. The purpose of the Charter for Compassion Education Institute (CEI) is to provide relevant and timely learning experiences for members and partners of the Charter for Compassion International. Our courses are authored by uniquely skilled contributors who share tools and strategies to cultivate self-compassion, compassion for others, and compassionate action. CEI is supported by tuition costs. As an arm of the Charter for Compassion International, CEI contributes its net income to support the operations of the Charter.

Enrollment and Cost - How to Bring Balance and Compassion to Life - $49 tuition rate


  • Open Access to lessons, activities, and downloadable exercises. Content is available through 2017.
  • Study at your own pace in a setting that does not include peer or facilitator interaction.
  • A companion journal for your personal reflections.
  • Practical, easy-to-implement techniques you can begin using today.
  • Refund Policy - 100% the first week. No refund after that.
  • Send questions to

Objectives and Course Topics

This course doesn’t merely offer a laundry list of techniques. Instead it provides convincing evidence for the fact that balance and self-compassion are essential components of compassionate lives. Participants are encouraged to fuel themselves so that they, in turn, can bring their compassion and talents into the world. They receive practical, do-able, and effective methods to attend to their bodies, spirits, and minds.

Remember, you can give more to others when you have more to give. Compassionate action requires self-compassion. In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Be more attentive to the needs of your body by recognizing your signals and respecting your limits.
  • Recognize and accept emotions, be more present, and let yourself be who you are.
  • Change the way you talk to yourself. This is a no-cost and potent tweak you can make today.
  • Keep shifting your balance, as needed, to create the energy you need.

Lesson One

Introduction and Overview

  • Welcome to this Course and to Ruzuku
  • You Need
  • You Face Challenges
  • The Good News
  • The Even-Better News

Embody Your Body

  • Introduction
  • Get to Know Your Signals
  • Your Body's Balance Beam
  • Know and Respect Your Limits
  • Laugh, Play, Breathe!
  • Quick TIPs
  • Release
  • Your Minor Shifts
  • Next Week...

Lesson Two

Emit Your Spirit

  • Introduction
  • Welcome All Your Messengers
  • Even Welcome Loneliness
  • Enjoy THIS Moment
  • Dance Your Dance
  • Explore Contradictions
  • Quick TIPs
  • Release
  • Your Minor Shifts
  • Next Week...

Lesson Three

Empower Your Mind

  • Introduction
  • Empower Your Mind with Kind Words
  • Suspend Your Judgment
  • Reframe Your Thoughts
  • Re-Brand it
  • Re-Mind it
  • Re-View it
  • Quick TIPs
  • Release
  • Your Minor Shifts
  • Next Week...

Lesson Four

Embrace Your Flow

  • Introduction
  • Accord with Your Seasons
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Redefine "OK"
  • Another Elephant in the Room
  • Find Your Keys
  • Keep Practicing!
  • One Last TIP
  • Release
  • Minor Shifts Will Create Major Change
  • Final Thoughts

This course is also customized for groups and organizations. If you are interested in a group offering, contact

If you are enthusiastic about this course but cannot pay the tuition due  to a financial hardship, you can ask for a scholarship. Requests will  be considered on a case-by-case basis; priority will be given to those  residing in developing countries.