Program Purpose: This five week course provides the framework to create a personalized bridge to increase awareness of the connection between intent and action and make compassion your lived experience or first response. Program is designed for participants to experience an online community of compassion. Groups of four or more who choose to take the class together receive a supplemental resource to use in real time community settings Goals: participants understand how the conscious and unconscious connections between intent and action informs our interactions participants identify their unique lived experiences of compassion (how they alleviate or are hindered in alleviating suffering) participants develop a contemplative practice that encourages mindful awareness of compassion opportunities and empowers the courageous compassion response

Your Guide

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Vanessa Hurst

Vanessa F. Hurst is a compassion consultant, mindful coach, author, and professional speaker. She develops and facilitates results-driven resources for identifying compassion competencies, stakeholder/community building, and organizational culture strengthening. As a mindful coach, she offers Neural Synchrony sessions that bridge her intuition and her client’s. She is the author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action (Wildefyr Press, 2014) and A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships (Wildefyr Press, 2016). Vanessa nationally presents programs featuring compassion, mindfulness, contemplative living, and intuitive awareness. She is the innovator-facilitator of both the Compassion Conversation© and Compassion’s Circle©.

About this Course

Over the course of five weeks, 

  • Live a new, daring paradigm of compassion by strengthening your bridge from intent to action 
  • Increase compassionate responses through the practice of mindful awareness
  • Lessen the impact of your unaware actions by integrating three foundational awarenesses: cause no harm, alleviate suffering, and take life as it is, into your lived experience
  • Recognize the triggers that cause reactions and lessen the hurt that results from reactions
  • Become more mindfully aware through a routine of formal, informal, and spontaneous contemplative practice 
  • Increase your compassionate action by being present, understanding yourself, living with curious daring, taking an intentional look at your life
  • Increase your lived experience of compassion by creating and maintaining a life bridge through the alignment of your intent and action
  • Share your daring paradigm shift with others

Pre-requisite: the desire to live with curious daring and courage as you become fully awake and fully compassionate. 

Recommended: Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action by Vanessa F. Hurst.